Avatar / Fomac Documents

Here you can find photos and documents pertaining to the Avatar 2000 (precursor to the Vanguard) and Fomac, Inc. (manufacturer of the Avatar 2000).

Avatar 2000 Brochure

The Ryan/Fomac, Inc. Connection

Worcester Bicycle Event 1983

Gadget Newsletter Review of the Avatar 2000

The Avatar 2000 Appears in the Film Brainstorm

Also more stuff below:

Below is an article about Fomac, Inc., from something called the East West Journal. It has the best pictures of Harold Maciejewski and Richard Forrestal that we have available to us here at the Ryan Owners Club. Harold is really intent on that sprocket!

Below, Bicycle Magazine goes for the flashy approach. Fomac's brochure maybe could have used just a smidgeon of this kind of thing.

Below is the HPV known as the "Bluebell," which, despite being built on a base of a production recumbent, the Avatar 2000, won several speed records. Much more can be learned about the Bluebell in the book, The Recumbent Bicycle, available from Out Your Backdoor press.

The article below looks to be from People Magazine. I am going to ask them for permission to reproduce it here, but in the meantime, it is too good not to put here.

A nice photo of an Avatar from the side.

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