The Ryan - Fomac, Inc. Connection

Scenario: It's 1977. You are 41-year-old Richard Ryan. You work the night shift in the fledgling semiconductor imaging industry, but you like bikes, so you work days in a couple bike shops owned by your friend/co-worker Dick Forrestal and his partner Harald Maciejewski. They get a visit from David Gordon Wilson, an MIT professor with a thing for human-powered vehicles and some plans for a very different kind of bike. After a couple of false starts, the bike shop owners become full-time builders and they need more help, so they ask you to join them. They will give you 5% of their company. Sure, it sounds amazing to us today, but we aren't the ones putting in tons of unpaid overtime on a drill press in a machine shop.

Below is a fleet of Avatar 2000s, ready to ship in 1981. Where are they today? If you have one, let us know.

Below is a real piece of recumbent history. It is apparently a page from Dick Ryan's contract with Fomac, Inc. The year is difficult to make out.

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