The Avatar 2000, Movie Star

In 1983, the Avatar 2000 appeared under Christopher Walken in the science fiction film Brainstorm. Here is a bit of the film (which hopefully falls within Fair Use) that shows the Avatar in action along with some stills. Webmaster Paul had been looking for this footage for a long time and it finally showed up on his ReplayTV. Click the Get QuickTime logo if you can't see the video.

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Here's what Dick Ryan had to say about this movie on the alt.rec.bicycles.recumbent newsgroup in 2002:

Ah yes, the somewhat less than successful movie "Brainstorm", Natalie Wood's last movie. MGM called us and suggested that we give them a bike in return for putting our name in the credits. We didn't have a bike available at the time and wouldn't have given them one if we had one. (like most small companies we had 0 dollars on hand). But we had a customer who needed money for college bills and wanted to sell his Avatar. We referred MGM to him and he sold it to them for $500 more than he paid for it. They didn't put our name in the credits. Just as you saw the bike in the movie, I got a call from a guy who had seen the movie and looked for the name in the credits. He went around to all the local bike shops and described the bike but of course no one knew what he was talking about. About 15 years later he saw an article somewhere about the Vanguard and called me. He bought a Vanguard but he also wanted an Avatar, not just any Avatar but the one that was actually in the movie (a very wealthy guy). I called MGM but nobody knew what happened to the bike. Maybe it's lying in the back of Christopher Walken's garage. I found a used Avatar which he bought.

Dick Ryan

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