Welcome to the Ryan Owners Club!


• After a criminal delay I have finally updated the site! Please see the fascinating story of Len Vreeland!

• Avatar 2000 owner Roger Pierce finally has a page here on the site too!

• A Vanguard owner, David Harris has his own page after a similar delay!

• Ryan Owners Club co-founder Bob "WolverBob" Krzewinski has updated the tips page!

• For you Longbikes owners, here's a treat. Photos of Tony Yerex's Gulfstream bike next to his Gulfstream jet!

• Tim & Abbe Jester sent great pictures of their very nice Vanguards!

This site was created by Bob Krzewinski (of the WolverBents recumbent rider group) and Paul Bruneau as a source of information for owners of bicycles designed or built by Ryan Recumbent Cycles. Owners of similar bikes (such as Longbikes, Infinity, DeFelice and of course, the father of them all, the Avatar 2000) may find some good information here, too.

To help with some of this information, we have set up a Yahoo! Group called "ryanownersclub". Membership is open to anyone. There is a mailing list, but archived messages can also be read at the group page. The Ryan Owners Club also has a database, which we can use as a kind of a guestbook that will provide information about the bikes that are out there. It is one of Paul's goals to learn as much about the different Ryan (and Avatar) bikes as possible (things like how many are still in service, which serial numbers were built when, etc.)

Paul has been able to gather a good deal of material that he hopes to add to the site over time. In the beginning, the History section will have a large amount of material, which is going to grow. The scrapbook section is starting to be loaded with pictures related to our favorite bike.

If you would like to make a contribution to our content, please write to Bob or Paul. If you have a question or technical issue about the site itself, please write to Paul.

This site could not be what it is without the kind help of Dick Ryan, Karl Ryan, Bob Bryant, Kelvin Clark and David Gordon Wilson. Thank you all.

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