Tim & Abbe Jester's Ryan Vanguards

As you can see from the photos, My wife Abbe pronounced (Abbey), has the newer red Ryan, and I have the older repainted green Ryan. It appears to be somewhat like Paul Cooley's. The one differance is in my triangular rear wheel drop out as to the usual curved drop out. I'm not sure when my Ryan was built but must be one of the early ones.

Having the opportunity to compare the older with the new, I do like the steering linkage on my older model. I added a small block of hard wood that slides in between the tracking bolt holes. This made a strong differance in my bike's rigidness.

Dick made a nice improvement on quicker seat adjustments, but I still love my older Ryan. I bought mine in November of 07 and there's hardly a day that I'm not on it. My wife Abbe got jealous, and by march of 08 I found her a Ryan. She's never been happier. Thanks Dick making this great bike.

The Slipstream looks like a bike worth trying, but for now Abbe and I are more than pleased.

Tim & Abbe

Here is a photo of the small block of hardwood that I added under the seat area that I talked about for strength.

My rear wheel has a drum brake, which I love. It seems to have nice stopping power. I wouldn't mind adding a disc bracking system to the front wheel in the future.

I just added the cateye astrale with my homemade pvc hook up. Not the prettiest, but works fine for now. The astrale seemed to come with the longest wire to accommadate the Ryan better.

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