Tom Rose's Vanguard

Tom says:

I purchased my Ryan vanguard in July 2002. I ride the PALM [Pedal Across Lower Michigan] touring bike ride across Michigan every year. In fact I am on the committee as the law enforcement liaison contact person. I have ridden 13 times across with this group. One year while riding across one of the riders had the Ryan Vanguard. This person also owns a Ryan duplex. He let me take it for a spin. I fell in love with it immediately. I told him if he ever wanted to sell it, I would like first choice. Well he called me about a year later and without hesitation, I bought it. I have 5 sons who have also been across riding several times on PALM. I own a Trek T100 tandem and my 10 year old is my stoker. He has ridden 5 times across. This year my 10 year old had to have his appendix out 3 days prior to the ride in June. I missed having him ride with me but it was a great ride on my Ryan. My wife enjoys riding but not the way my 10 year old does. So now I am in the market for a Ryan Duplex. If I can't find one, I am looking to buy the Gulfstream from Longbikes. However I am hoping to find the Ryan Duplex for next year's ride. I am sending a few more photos. It is for sure a 1998 Ryan Vanguard recumbent. I have not done anything with the Ryan except take good care of it and ride it. I have the windshield and usually ride with it on. I am interested in the bracket that Bill Ramsey made for his. I'm hoping to have him make me one. Anyway I love your website for Ryan Owners. We are not that far from each other. Maybe sometime we can go for a ride next summer. Thanks again.

Webmaster Paul says:

Thanks for the story and the photos, Tom! I have considered riding PALM before, but haven't made it yet. I have ridden the West Shoreline Ride also sponsored by the LMB. You should try to make it to one of the Michigan Recumbent Rallies, details on the MHPVA and Wolverbents web sites. Ryan Owners Club co-founder Bob Krzewinski is always there with his Vanguard and/or Duplex and I am always there with my Vanguard.

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