Tom Armstrong's Vanguard

Thanks to Tom for sending these great pictures and the nice description of his super clean commuter with the amazing lights.

Tom writes, "The bike remains my pride and joy, despite the other bikes I've bought since (including my semi-famous Strada Gasato). I will always remember making the call to Dick Ryan himself, asking to buy one of his bikes.

With my bike, I received a few brochures (which have since been lost, sadly), showing the Vanguard, the Fleetwood (now Duplex, as you know), and the Vanguard S prototype, that used the Trek T4C rear suspension. Oh, how I wanted one of those, to be dubbed the "comfy chair." My guess is that between Trek discontinuing the T4C and lack of presales, Dick dropped the idea. I never felt a severe need for suspension, anyway.

I upgraded the components early in 2001. The rims are Sun CR-18 in 32 hole, laced to Shimano XT hubs. The front drive system (cranks, bottom bracket, and front derailleur) and headset are Ultegra, the rear derailleur is XT, the brakes are XT, the shifters are Dura-Ace, and I'm using an early version of the LX V-brake levers. The chain is SRAM PC-89R.  Tires are Schwalbe Marathons.

When I bought my bike, Dick had made the bar ends a standard feature. The light rack shown is made from a cheap ATB stem with a short piece of handlebar, to which I've attached two Lightstick Series 15 systems (overkill, I suppose, but hard to ignore).

I had a customer in the bike shop where I work mention that he had studied under David Gordon Wilson. I thought that rather cool, sort of like knowing history. I talk with Rich Pinto from time to time, and he tells me he talks to Dick Ryan once in a while. It's good to see Dick post on our list, too.

Have a great ride!


Viva Recumbency!  Life is too short to run into things head-first!"

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