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Mike Claus's Vanguard

Roger Pierce's Avatar 2000

David Harris' Vanguard

Len Vreeland's Avatar 2000 and his cross-continental record attempt!

Tony Yerex with two Gulfstreams. One a jet, one a bike!

Tim & Abbe Jester's Vanguards

Avatar / Fomac Photos

Vanguard Photos

Duplex Photos

Paul Cooley's Vanguard

Photos from Ron and Sandy Friedel

Photos from Bill Ramsey

Photo of Andrew Carson's Above-Seat-Steering Duplex frame

Dan Yohman's Vanguard

Tom Armstrong's Vanguard

Len Chapman's Gulfstream

Steve Watkins' Vanguard

Tom Rose's Vanguard

Leo Kodl's Duplex

Robert Mayer's Vanguard

Paul says, "This is one of the business cards that Dick Ryan sent to me in 1998 or so. I carried cards and brochures in my Vanguard to give to interested people I met on my rides."

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