July, 1962 - Richard Ryan goes to work for GCA Corp. where he meets Richard Forestall. Ryan becomes interested in bicycles, and gets Forestall interested in them as well.

Time unknown - Forestall and his friend Harald Maciejewski go into business together importing bikes from Germany and running two bike shops. Ryan works part time at the bike shops.

Early 1976 - David Gordon Wilson rides his Wilson-Willkie recumbent for a news event put on by MIT's News Office and receives good coverage.

Early 1977 - Wilson rides his Wilson-Willkie recumbent to Richard Forestall's bike shop in Wilmington, MA to show his recumbent designs.

April 7, 1977 - Forestall partners with Harald Maciejewski to create Fomac, Inc. to build recumbent bikes. Later, Dick Ryan is given 5% of the company in exchange for his work building the Avatar.

Sometime in mid-80s - Fomac, Inc. dissolves. Dick Ryan decides to continue to build recumbent bikes.

1989 - Ryan Recumbent Cycles incorporates.

1990 - Ryan starts shipping bikes from his cellar after finding a frame builder in Oregon.

1991 - Ryan moves to Oregon.

Spring, 1992 - Dick's son Karl moves out to Oregon to help build bikes.

Fall, 1994 - 1996 Dick and Karl move back east to Nashua, New Hampshire.

1996 - 1997 - The Ryans share space with Ted Wojcik cycles in New Hampshire.

1997 - 1998 - Ryan Recumbent Cycles moved to Melrose, MA. Part of time there spent building/selling enough bikes to keep going, but main efforts were toward joint venture or to sell the company.

1999 - Agreement to sell the company to Greg Peek of Longbikes.

Late 1999 - Early 2000 - Company reverted back to Dick Ryan.

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